Secondary school level (14-17 years old)

Career Success equips students with the tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in high-growth career industries. Students are introduced to the need to be work ready by developing the 4Cs skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) that employers want from people entering the workforce by applying these skills to resolve problems in work-based scenarios. 
The program establishes these skills amongst students by using a team-building model referred to as the GRPI model (Goals, Roles and Responsibilities, Processes, and Interpersonal Relationship Skills). Throughout the program students also learn to rank work environment priorities as an anchor for further career planning decisions while exploring how to hunt for a job and becoming familiar with the tools needed.
Career Success is a course delivered over 7 sessions, one hour each session.

Specific volunteer requirements:

  • Arabic or English Speaker
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience