Sponsored by:

HSBC Qatar

Preparatory school level (11-14 years old)

Personal Economics (PE) is an interactive program that helps students appreciate the connection between school work and the real world by allowing them to practice some of the key skills needed for personal and professional success. 
Consisting of 8-10 volunteer-led activities, ranging from “marketing yourself” to “personal budgeting”, PE complements national school curricula by reinforcing economic concepts taught in social studies and mathematics classes. Designed to simulate real life situations is a fun and engaging way, the activities include assignments such as making business cards, completing job applications, creating a budget, calculating the cost of loan and reading a stock market table. 
Through a balanced combination of discussion and application led by professional volunteers, PE allows students to learn how to make informed decisions about education, careers, spending, and investing and introduces them to new concepts through real world examples. 

Specific volunteer requirements:

  • Arabic Speaker
  • Minimum of 2 years work experience